Last Week's YouGlish

You can improve your listening skills on my blog.

Improve slowly but surely. Ears open before you notice it.

"LAST WEEK'S YOUGLISH" in the sidebar of this page is for those who want to review "TODAY'S YOUGLISH". These can be browsed on PC.

You can improve your listening skills using "TODAY'S YOUGLISH" in another blog "マインクラフトで英語!".

The way is simple.

  1. Watch the video without a script for about 10sec.
  2. Replay it once again or go to the next video.
  3. Check【this part】of the script with Twitter.

An example of the tweet is below (4/19tweet). 【This part】of the script is important. You do not have to worry too much around【this part】. 【This part】may be difficult to listen to, so you should get used to【it】enough.


Please try hard to get used to【this part】.

Good luck !